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About required reviews in workflows

Jobs that reference an environment configured with required reviewers will wait for an approval before starting. While a job is awaiting approval, it has a status of "Waiting". If a job is not approved within 30 days, it will automatically fail.

For more information about environments and required approvals, see "Using environments for deployment." For information about how to review deployments with the REST API, see "Actions."

Approving or rejecting a job

  1. Navigate to the workflow run that requires review. For more information about navigating to a workflow run, see "Viewing workflow run history."
  2. If the run requires review, you will see a notification for the review request. On the notification, click Review deployments.
  3. Select the job environment(s) to approve or reject. Optionally, leave a comment.
  4. Approve or reject:
    • To approve the job, click Approve and deploy. Once a job is approved (and any other environment protection rules have passed), the job will proceed. At this point, the job can access any secrets stored in the environment.
    • To reject the job, click Reject. If a job is rejected, the workflow will fail.