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조직 내 GitHub Codespaces 관련 감사 로그 검토

감사 로그를 사용하여 GitHub Codespaces와 관련된 모든 작업을 검토할 수 있습니다.

Organizations on GitHub Team and GitHub Enterprise plans can pay for members' and collaborators' use of GitHub Codespaces. These organizations can then access settings and policies to manage codespaces paid for by the organization. For more information, see "Choosing who owns and pays for codespaces in your organization" and "GitHub’s plans."

When any member of your organization performs an action related to GitHub Codespaces, you can review the actions in the audit log. For information about accessing the log, see "Reviewing the audit log for your organization."

Screenshot of the "Audit log" page for an organization, showing the "Recent events" list.

The audit log includes details such as who performed the action, what the action was, and when the action was performed. For information on GitHub Codespaces actions, see "Audit log events for your organization."

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