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Creating a support ticket

You can use the GitHub Support ページ to create a support ticket and speak to GitHub Support.

About support tickets

If your account uses a paid GitHub product or you are a member of an organization that uses a paid product, you can directly contact GitHub Support. If your account uses GitHub Free, you can speak to GitHub users and staff on the GitHub Support Community for most issues, and you can contact GitHub Support to report account, security, and abuse issues.

After you create your ticket, you can view your ticket and the responses from GitHub Support on the GitHub Support ページ. For more information, see "Viewing and updating support tickets."

What to include in your support ticket

Providing GitHub Support with everything they need to understand, locate, and reproduce an issue will allow for a faster resolution and less back-and-forth between yourself and the support team. To ensure GitHub Support can assist you, consider the following points when you write your ticket:

  • GitHub Support による問題の追跡、優先順位付け、再現、調査を支援する情報の取得
  • Include full URLs, repository names, and usernames wherever possible.
  • 可能であれば問題を再現し、問題発生の手順を共有できるようにしてください。
  • 問題の詳細な説明と期待される結果を提供できるように準備してください。
  • 問題に関連するすべてのエラーメッセージをそのままコピーしてください。
  • GitHub Support との進行中のやりとりがあれば、既存のチケット番号があるかを確認してください。
  • Include relevant logs and attach any screenshots that demonstrate the issue.

Creating a support ticket

  1. GitHub Support ページ に移動します。
  2. Select the Account or organization dropdown menu and click the name of the account your support ticket is regarding. Screenshot of the "Account or organization" dropdown menu.
  3. Select the From drop-down menu and click the email address you'd like GitHub Support to contact. Screenshot of the "From" dropdown menu.
  4. Under "Subject", type a descriptive title for the issue you're having. Screenshot of the "Subject" text box.
  5. Under "How can we help", provide any additional information that will help the Support team troubleshoot the problem. You can use markdown to format your message. Screenshot of the "How can we help" text area. Helpful information may include:
    • Steps to reproduce the issue
    • Any special circumstances surrounding the discovery of the issue (for example, the first occurrence or occurrence after a specific event, frequency of occurrence, business impact of the problem, and suggested urgency)
    • Exact wording of error messages
  6. Click Send request. Screenshot of the "Send request" button.