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CodeQL CLI commands manual

Reference information for the commands available in the most recent release of CodeQL CLI.


GitHub CodeQL is licensed on a per-user basis upon installation. You can use CodeQL only for certain tasks under the license restrictions. For more information, see "About the CodeQL CLI."

If you have a GitHub Advanced Security license, you can use CodeQL for automated analysis, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. For more information, see "About GitHub Advanced Security."

This content describes the most recent release of the CodeQL CLI. For more information about this release, see

To see details of the options available for this command in an earlier release, run the command with the --help option in your terminal.

bqrs decode

Convert result data from BQRS into other forms.

bqrs diff

Compute the difference between two result sets.

bqrs hash

[Plumbing] Compute a stable hash of a BQRS file.

bqrs info

Display metadata for a BQRS file.

bqrs interpret

[Plumbing] Interpret data in a single BQRS.

database add-diagnostic

[Experimental] Add a piece of diagnostic information to a database.

database analyze

Analyze a database, producing meaningful results in the context of the source code.

database bundle

Create a relocatable archive of a CodeQL database.

database cleanup

Compact a CodeQL database on disk.

database create

Create a CodeQL database for a source tree that can be analyzed using one of the CodeQL products.

database export-diagnostics

[Experimental] Export diagnostic information from a database for a failed analysis.

database finalize

[Plumbing] Final steps in database creation.

database import

[Advanced] [Plumbing] Import unfinalized database(s) into another unfinalized database.

database index-files

[Plumbing] Index standalone files with a given CodeQL extractor.

database init

[Plumbing] Create an empty CodeQL database.

database interpret-results

[Plumbing] Interpret computed query results into meaningful formats such as SARIF or CSV.

database print-baseline

[Plumbing] Print a summary of the baseline lines of code seen.

database run-queries

[Plumbing] Run a set of queries together.

database trace-command

[Plumbing] Run a single command as part of a traced build.

database unbundle

Extracts a CodeQL database archive.

database upgrade

Upgrade a database so it is usable by the current tools.

dataset check

[Plumbing] Check a particular dataset for internal consistency.

dataset cleanup

[Plumbing] Clean up temporary files from a dataset.

dataset import

[Plumbing] Import a set of TRAP files to a raw dataset.

dataset measure

[Plumbing] Collect statistics about the relations in a particular dataset.

dataset upgrade

[Plumbing] Upgrade a dataset so it is usable by the current tools.

diagnostic add

[Experimental] [Plumbing] Add a piece of diagnostic information.

diagnostic export

[Experimental] Export diagnostic information for a failed analysis.

execute cli-server

[Deep plumbing] Server for running multiple commands while avoiding repeated JVM initialization.

execute language-server

[Plumbing] On-line support for the QL language in IDEs.

execute queries

[Plumbing] Run one or more queries against a dataset.

execute query-server

[Plumbing] Support for running queries from IDEs.

execute query-server2

[Plumbing] Support for running queries from IDEs.

execute upgrades

[Plumbing] Run upgrade scripts on an existing raw QL dataset.

generate extensible-predicate-metadata

[Experimental] [Deep plumbing] Report the extensible predicates found in the given pack.

generate log-summary

[Advanced] Create a summary of a structured log file.

generate query-help

Generate end-user query help from .qhelp files.

github upload-results

Uploads a SARIF file to GitHub code scanning.

pack add

[Experimental] Adds a list of QL library packs with optional version ranges as dependencies of the current package, and then installs them.

pack bundle

[Experimental] [Plumbing] Bundle a QL library pack.

pack ci

[Experimental] Install dependencies for this pack, verifying that the existing lock file is up to date.

pack create

[Experimental] [Plumbing] Builds the contents of a QL package from source code.

pack download

[Experimental] Download the set of qlpacks referenced by the query spec of the command line from the registry. Packs can be provided by name or implicitly inside of a query suite (.qls) file.

pack init

[Experimental] Initializes a qlpack in the specified directory.

pack install

[Experimental] Install dependencies for this pack.

pack ls

[Experimental] [Deep plumbing] List the CodeQL packages rooted at this directory. This directory must contain a qlpack.yml or .codeqlmanifest.json file.

pack packlist

[Experimental] [Plumbing] Compute the set of files to be included in a QL query pack or library pack.

pack publish

[Experimental] Publishes a QL library pack to a package registry.

pack resolve-dependencies

[Experimental] [Plumbing] Compute the set of required dependencies for this QL pack.

pack upgrade

[Experimental] Update the dependencies for this pack to the latest available versions.

query compile

Compile or check QL code.

query decompile

[Plumbing] Read an intermediate representation of a compiled query from a .qlo file.

query format

Autoformat QL source code.

query run

Run a single query.

resolve database

[Deep plumbing] Report metadata about the database.

resolve extensions

[Experimental] [Deep plumbing] Determine accessible extensions. This includes machine learning models and data extensions.

resolve extensions-by-pack

[Experimental] [Deep plumbing] Determine accessible extensions for the given paths to pack roots. This includes machine learning models and data extensions.

resolve extractor

[Deep plumbing] Determine the extractor pack to use for a given language.

resolve files

[Deep plumbing] Expand a set of file inclusion/exclusion globs.

resolve languages

List installed CodeQL extractor packs.

resolve library-path

[Deep plumbing] Determine QL library path and dbscheme for a query.

resolve metadata

[Deep plumbing] Resolve and return the key-value metadata pairs from a query source file.

resolve ml-models

[Deprecated] [Experimental] [Deep plumbing] Determine accessible machine learning models.

resolve qlpacks

Create a list of installed QL packs and their locations.

resolve qlref

[Deep plumbing] Dereferences a .qlref file to return a .ql one.

resolve queries

[Deep plumbing] Expand query directories and suite specifications.

resolve ram

[Deep plumbing] Prepare RAM options.

resolve tests

[Deep plumbing] Find QL unit tests in given directories.

resolve upgrades

[Deep plumbing] Determine upgrades to run for a raw dataset.

test accept

Accept results of failing unit tests.

test extract

[Plumbing] Build a dataset for a test directory.

test run

Run unit tests for QL queries.


Show the version of the CodeQL toolchain.