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Résolution des problèmes liés aux paramètres de pare-feu pour GitHub Copilot

Aide pour la résolution des problèmes liés aux erreurs de pare-feu.

GitHub Copilot peut être géré via les comptes personnels avec GitHub Copilot Individual ou via les comptes d’organisation ou d’entreprise avec GitHub Copilot Business.

L’utilisation de GitHub Copilot est gratuite pour les étudiants, enseignants et responsables vérifiés de projets open source. Pour plus d’informations, consultez « À propos de la facturation de GitHub Copilot ».

If you or your organization employs security measures like a firewall or proxy server, it may be beneficial to include certain domain URLs in an "allowlist" and open specific ports and protocols. Doing so will enhance your installation and usage of GitHub Copilot for an optimal experience.

URLs to add to an allowlist

Due to GitHub Copilot's interaction with a remote machine learning model and its update checking functionality, it is recommended to include the following domain URLs in the allowlist, marking them as trusted either in the user interface or within your deployment scripts.

Domain and/or URLPurpose*Authentication Management*User Management service for Copilot suggestions
https://origin-tracker.githubusercontent.comAPI service for Copilot suggestions
https://*.githubcopilot.comAPI service for Copilot suggestions

Additional domains and URLs may require allowlisting, depending on your organization's security policies and the editors in use. For more information about specific editors, see "Further reading."

Deprecation of Copilot Chat API endpoints

On February 1, 2024, we will deprecate the Copilot Chat API endpoints currently being routed through Instead, these requests will go through Versions 0.8.0 and later of the Copilot Chat extension for VS Code and versions 0.1.1817.27579 and later of the Copilot Chat extension for Visual Studio already route chat traffic through All versions of the Copilot plugin for JetBrains IDEs already route chat traffic through

To ensure Copilot Chat continues working from February 1, 2024, please update to the most recent version of the Copilot extension and ensure your firewall and network settings allow communication to

Further reading