Managing your payouts from GitHub Sponsors

You can view information about past and future payouts from Patrocinadores de GitHub and edit your bank information.

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About payouts from Patrocinadores de GitHub

You can only manage your payouts from Patrocinadores de GitHub if you are paid through Stripe Connect. If you are paid through ACH transfer or wire transfer for your sponsored user account, you will not see the Payouts tab on your sponsored open source contributor dashboard. Sponsored organizations can only use Stripe Connect for payouts. For more information, see "About Patrocinadores de GitHub for open source contributors."

Para obtener información acerca de los tiempos de pago de Patrocinadores de GitHub, consulta la sección "Condiciones Adicionales de GitHub Sponsors".

Viewing and editing payout information

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Your sponsors. Patrocinadores de GitHub button
  2. If a list of your sponsored and eligible accounts is shown, to the right of the account you want to manage, click Dashboard. Developer sponsors dashboard button
  3. En la barra lateral izquierda, da clic en Pagos. Pestaña de niveles de patrocinio
  4. En "Payouts information" (Información de pago), haz clic en Edit your bank information (Editar tu información bancaria). Editar tu enlace de información bancaria

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