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Conditions for large files

GitHub AE limits the size of files allowed in repositories, and will block a push to a repository if the files are larger than the maximum file limit.

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Tip: If you regularly push large files to your enterprise, consider using Git Large File Storage (Git LFS). For more information, see "Versioning large files."

Warning for files larger than 50 MB

If you attempt to add or update a file that is larger than 50 MB, you will receive a warning from Git. The changes will still successfully push to your repository, but you can consider removing the commit to minimize performance impact. For more information, see "Removing files from a repository's history."

Blocked pushes for large files

By default, GitHub AE blocks pushes that exceed 100 MB. However, a site administrator can configure a different limit for your enterprise. For more information, see "Setting Git push limits".

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