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Prebuilding your codespaces

To speed up codespace creation, you can configure your project to prebuild codespaces for specific branches in specific regions.

Who can use this feature?

You create and configure prebuilds in your repository's settings. Repository-level settings for GitHub Codespaces are available for all repositories owned by personal accounts.

For repositories owned by organizations, repository-level settings for GitHub Codespaces are available for organizations on GitHub Team and GitHub Enterprise plans. To access the settings, the organization or its parent enterprise must have added a payment method and set a spending limit for GitHub Codespaces. For more information, see "Choosing who owns and pays for codespaces in your organization" and "GitHub’s plans."

About GitHub Codespaces prebuilds

GitHub Codespaces prebuilds help to speed up the creation of new codespaces for large or complex repositories.

Configuring prebuilds

You can configure your project to prebuild a codespace automatically each time you push a change to your repository.

Allowing a prebuild to access other repositories

You can permit your prebuild to access other GitHub repositories so that it can be built successfully.

Managing prebuilds

You can review, modify, and delete the prebuild configurations for your repository.

Testing dev container configuration changes on a prebuild-enabled branch

When you change the dev container configuration for a branch that's enabled for prebuilds, you should test your changes in a codespace.