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You can use Git and the API to back up your repository.


  • 要将仓库的 Git 数据下载到本地计算机,您需要克隆该仓库。 更多信息请参阅“克隆仓库”。
  • 还可以下载仓库的 wiki。 更多信息请参阅“添加或删除 wiki 页面”。

克隆仓库或 wiki 时,仅下载 Git 数据,例如项目文件和提交历史记录。 You can use our API to export other elements of your repository on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance to your local machine:

Once you have a local version of all the content you want to back up, you can create a zip archive and copy it to an external hard drive and/or upload it to a cloud-based backup or storage service such as Azure Blob Storage, Google Drive or Dropbox.