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Enabling automatic user license sync for your enterprise

You can manage license usage across your GitHub Enterprise environments by automatically syncing user licenses from 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例 to GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

Enterprise owners can enable automatic user license synchronization.

About automatic license synchronization

GitHub uses a unique-user licensing model. For enterprise products that include multiple deployment options, GitHub determines how many licensed seats you're consuming based on the number of unique users across all your deployments.

Each user only consumes one license, no matter how many GitHub Enterprise Server instances the user uses, or how many organizations the user is a member of on GitHub Enterprise Cloud. This model allows each person to use multiple GitHub Enterprise deployments without incurring extra costs.

对于使用多个 GitHub Enterprise 环境以仅使用单个许可证的用户,您必须在环境之间同步许可证使用情况。 然后,GitHub 将根据与其用户帐户关联的电子邮件地址对用户进行重复数据删除。 For more information, see "Troubleshooting license usage for GitHub Enterprise." For more information, see "About GitHub Connect."

If you enable automatic user license sync for your enterprise, GitHub Connect will automatically synchronize license usage between GitHub Enterprise Server and GitHub Enterprise Cloud weekly.

If you use multiple GitHub Enterprise Server instances, you can enable automatic license sync between each of your instances and the same organization or enterprise account on GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

同步许可证使用情况后,您可以在 上的企业设置中看到所有环境中已使用许可证的报告。 更多信息请参阅“查看 GitHub Enterprise 的许可证使用情况”。

You can also manually upload GitHub Enterprise Server user license information to GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For more information, see "Syncing license usage between GitHub Enterprise Server and GitHub Enterprise Cloud."

Note: If you synchronize license usage and your enterprise account on does not use 企业托管用户, we highly recommend enabling verified domains for your enterprise account on For privacy reasons, your consumed license report only includes the email address associated with a user account on if the address is hosted by a verified domain. If one person is erroneously consuming multiple licenses, having access to the email address that is being used for deduplication makes troubleshooting much easier. For more information, see "Verifying or approving a domain for your enterprise" and "About 企业托管用户" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.

Enabling license synchronization

Before enabling license synchronization on 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例, you must enable GitHub Connect. For more information, see "Managing GitHub Connect."

  1. 在 GitHub Enterprise Server 的右上角,单击您的个人资料照片,然后单击 Enterprise settings(Enterprise 设置)GitHub Enterprise Server 上个人资料照片下拉菜单中的"Enterprise settings(企业设置)"

  2. 在企业帐户边栏中,单击 GitHub Connect企业帐户边栏中的 GitHub Connect 选项卡

  3. Under "Server can sync user license count and usage", use the drop-down menu and select Enabled. Drop-down menu to enable automatic user license sync