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此版本的 GitHub Enterprise 已停止服务 2022-10-12. 即使针对重大安全问题,也不会发布补丁。 为了获得更好的性能、更高的安全性和新功能,请升级到最新版本的 GitHub Enterprise。 如需升级帮助,请联系 GitHub Enterprise 支持

Configuring the dependency graph

You can allow users to identify their projects' dependencies by enabling the dependency graph.

About the dependency graph

依赖项关系图是存储在存储库 的存储库的依赖关系。 对于每个存储库,它显示 依赖项,即它所依赖的生态系统和包。 GitHub Enterprise Server 不计算有关依赖项、存储库和依赖于存储库的包的信息。

For more information, see "About the dependency graph."

Enabling the dependency graph

如果依赖项关系图在系统中不可用,则企业所有者可以启用依赖项关系图。 有关详细信息,请参阅“为企业启用依赖项关系图”。

When the dependency graph is first enabled, any manifest and lock files for supported ecosystems are parsed immediately. The graph is usually populated within minutes but this may take longer for repositories with many dependencies. Once enabled, the graph is automatically updated with every push to the repository.

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