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Secret scanning patterns

Lists of supported secrets and the partners that GitHub works with to prevent fraudulent use of secrets that were committed accidentally.

秘密扫描 is available for organization-owned repositories in GitHub Enterprise Server if your enterprise has a license for GitHub Advanced Security. 更多信息请参阅“GitHub 的产品”。

Note: Your site administrator must enable 秘密扫描 for 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例 before you can use this feature. For more information, see "Configuring 秘密扫描 for your appliance."

Supported secrets

When > - 秘密扫描 is enabled, GitHub scans for secrets issued by the following service providers.

If you use the REST API for secret scanning, you can use the Secret type to report on secrets from specific issuers. For more information, see "Secret scanning."

Note: You can also define custom 秘密扫描 patterns for your repository, organization, or enterprise. For more information, see "Defining custom patterns for 秘密扫描."

Adafruit IOAdafruit IO 密钥adafruit_io_key
AdobeAdobe Device Tokenadobe_device_token
AdobeAdobe Service Tokenadobe_service_token
AdobeAdobe Short-Lived Access Tokenadobe_short_lived_access_token
AdobeAdobe JSON Web Tokenadobe_jwt Alibaba Cloud
AsanaAsana 个人访问令牌asana_personal_access_token Atlassian
AtlassianBitbucket Server Personal Access Tokenbitbucket_server_personal_access_token Azure
AzureAzure SQL 连接字符串azure_sql_connection_string Azure Production Secret Keycheckout_production_secret_key 测试密钥checkout_test_secret_key Clojars
CloudBees CodeShipCloudBees CodeShip Credentialcodeship_credential Databricks
DopplerDoppler 审核令牌doppler_audit_token Dropbox
DuffelDuffel Live Access Tokenduffel_live_access_token
DuffelDuffel 测试访问令牌duffel_test_access_token Dynatrace
EasyPostEasyPost Production API Keyeasypost_production_api_key
EasyPostEasyPost Test API Keyeasypost_test_api_key
FastlyFastly API 令牌fastly_api_token Finicity
FlutterwaveFlutterwave Live API Secret Keyflutterwave_live_api_secret_key
FlutterwaveFlutterwave 测试 API 密钥flutterwave_test_api_secret_key
GitHubGitHub Personal Access Tokengithub_personal_access_token
GitHubGitHub OAuth Access Tokengithub_oauth_access_token
GitHubGitHub Refresh Tokengithub_refresh_token
GitHubGitHub App 安装访问令牌github_app_installation_access_token GitHub
GrafanaGrafana API 密钥grafana_api_key HashiCorp
IntercomIntercom Access Tokenintercom_access_token
IonicIonic Personal Access Tokenionic_personal_access_token
IonicIonic Refresh Tokenionic_refresh_token
LinearLinear API Keylinear_api_key
LinearLinear OAuth Access Tokenlinear_oauth_access_token
LobLob Live API Keylob_live_api_key
LobLob Test API 密钥lob_test_api_key Mailchimp
MessageBirdMessageBird API Keymessagebird_api_key
MetaFacebook 访问令牌facebook_access_token npm
OnfidoOnfido Live API Tokenonfido_live_api_token
OnfidoOnfido Sandbox API Tokenonfido_sandbox_api_token
OpenAIOpenAI API 密钥openai_api_key Palantir
PyPIPyPI API Tokenpypi_api_token
RubyGemsRubyGems API 密钥rubygems_api_key Samsara
SendGridSendGrid API Keysendgrid_api_key
ShippoShippo Live API Tokenshippo_live_api_token
ShippoShippo Test API Tokenshippo_test_api_token Shopify
StripeStripe Webhook Signing Secretstripe_webhook_signing_secret Tableau
TelegramTelegram Bot 令牌telegram_bot_token Tencent Cloud

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