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此版本的 GitHub Enterprise 已停止服务 2022-10-12. 即使针对重大安全问题,也不会发布补丁。 为了获得更好的性能、更高的安全性和新功能,请升级到最新版本的 GitHub Enterprise。 如需升级帮助,请联系 GitHub Enterprise 支持


  • About supply chain security

    GitHub Enterprise Server helps you secure your supply chain, from understanding the dependencies in your environment, to knowing about vulnerabilities in those dependencies.

  • About the dependency graph

    You can use the dependency graph to identify all your project's dependencies. The dependency graph supports a range of popular package ecosystems.

  • Configuring the dependency graph

    You can allow users to identify their projects' dependencies by enabling the dependency graph.

  • About dependency review

    Dependency review lets you catch insecure dependencies before you introduce them to your environment, and provides information on license, dependents, and age of dependencies.

  • Configuring dependency review

    You can use dependency review to catch vulnerabilities before they are added to your project.

  • 探索仓库的依赖项

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  • 依赖关系图疑难排解

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