Skipping workflow runs

You can skip workflow runs triggered by the push and pull_request events by including a command in your commit message.

注: GitHub 托管的运行器目前在 GitHub Enterprise Server 上不受支持。 您可以在 GitHub 公共路线图 上查看有关未来支持计划的更多信息。

Workflows that would otherwise be triggered using on: push or on: pull_request won't be triggered if you add any of the following strings to the commit message in a push, or the HEAD commit of a pull request:

  • [skip ci]
  • [ci skip]
  • [no ci]
  • [skip actions]
  • [actions skip]

Alternatively, you can end the commit message with two empty lines followed by either skip-checks: true or skip-checks:true.

You won't be able to merge the pull request if your repository is configured to require specific checks to pass first. To allow the pull request to be merged you can push a new commit to the pull request without the skip instruction in the commit message.

Note: Skip instructions only apply to the push and pull_request events. For example, adding [skip ci] to a commit message won't stop a workflow that's triggered on: pull_request_target from running.

Skip instructions only apply to the workflow run(s) that would be triggered by the commit that contains the skip instructions. You can also disable a workflow from running. For more information, see "Disabling and enabling a workflow."




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