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修复 bug、操作反馈或显示工作未计划时,可关闭问题。

Who can use this feature

Anyone can close an issue they opened.

Repository owners, collaborators on repositories owned by a personal account, and people with triage permissions or greater on repositories owned by an organization can close issues opened by others. Members of an enterprise with managed users can only make changes in repositories that are part of their enterprise.

注意:还可在拉取请求和提交消息中通过关键字自动关闭问题。 有关详细信息,请参阅“将拉取请求链接到问题”。

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository. 2. 在存储库名称下,单击 “问题”。


  2. 在问题列表中,单击想要删除的问题。

  3. (可选)要更改关闭问题的原因,请选择“关闭问题”旁边的 ,再单击一个原因。 显示包含问题关闭原因的下拉菜单的屏幕截图

  4. 单击“关闭问题”。 显示“关闭问题”按钮的屏幕截图