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Filtering cards on a project (classic)

You can filter the cards on a classic project to search for specific cards or view a subset of the cards.


  • 项目, the all-new projects experience, is now available. For more information about 项目, see "About 项目" and for information about migrating your classic project, see "Migrating from Projects (classic)."
  • You can only create a new classic project board for an organization, user, or repository that already has at least one classic project board. If you're unable to create a classic project board, create a project board instead.

On a card, you can click any assignee, milestone, or label to filter the classic project by that qualifier. 要清除搜索,您可以再次单击相同的受理人、里程碑或标签。

You can also use the "Filter cards" search bar at the top of each classic project to search for cards. 您可以使用以下搜索限定符的任意组合来过滤卡,或者直接输入您要搜索的某些文本。

  • 使用 author:USERNAME 按作者过滤卡
  • 使用 assignee:USERNAMEno:assignee 按受理人过滤卡
  • 使用 label:LABELlabel:"MULTI-WORD LABEL NAME"no:label,按标签过滤卡。
  • 使用 milestone:MY-MILESTONE 按里程碑过滤
  • 使用 state:openstate:closedstate:merged 按状态过滤卡
  • 使用 review:nonereview:requiredreview:approvedreview:changes_requested 按审查状态过滤
  • 使用 status:pendingstatus:successstatus:failure 按检查状态过滤
  • 使用 type:issuetype:prtype:note 按类型过滤卡
  • 使用 is:openis:closedis:mergedis:issueis:pris:note 按状态和类型过滤卡
  • 使用 linked:pr,按通过结束引用链接到拉取请求的问题筛选卡片
  • Filter cards by repository in an organization-wide classic project using repo:ORGANIZATION/REPOSITORY
  1. Navigate to the classic project that contains the cards you want to filter.
  2. 在项目卡列上方,单击“Filter cards(过滤卡)”搜索栏并键入搜索查询以过滤卡。 过滤卡搜索栏

提示:您可以拖放过滤出的卡或使用键盘快捷键在各列之间移动它们。 有关键盘快捷键的更多信息,请参阅“键盘快捷键”中的“项目板”。