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Reviewing your security logs for GitHub Codespaces

You can use the security log to review all actions related to GitHub Codespaces.

GitHub Codespaces 可用于使用 GitHub Team 或 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 的组织。 GitHub Codespaces 也可作为受限的 beta 版本提供给使用 GitHub Free 和 GitHub Pro 计划的个人用户。 有关详细信息,请参阅“GitHub 的产品”。

About security logs for GitHub Codespaces

When you perform an action related to GitHub Codespaces in repositories owned by your personal account, you can review the actions in the security log. For information about accessing the log, see "Reviewing your security log."

security log with Codespaces information

The security log includes details on what action occurred and when you performed it. For information about GitHub Codespaces actions, see "Codespaces category actions".

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