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Subscribing to Copilot for your enterprise

Get access to GitHub Copilot for your enterprise.


Enterprise admins

GitHub Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise admins can set up a Copilot Enterprise or Copilot Business subscription for their enterprise. For more information, see "GitHub Copilot 的订阅计划."

If your enterprise is already subscribed to Copilot Enterprise or Copilot Business, you can upgrade or downgrade the subscription. See "Upgrading Copilot for your enterprise" and "Downgrading Copilot for your enterprise."

For billing information, see "关于 GitHub Copilot 的计费" and "管理 GitHub 计费设置."



如使用 Microsoft 企业协议,需将 Azure 订阅 ID 连接到企业帐户才能启用 GitHub Copilot 并支付其费用。 有关详细信息,请参阅“连接 Azure 订阅”。

  1. Ensure you are signed in as an enterprise admin on
  2. Go to the Copilot plans page.
  3. Under "Copilot Enterprise" or "Copilot Business", click Buy now.
  4. Follow the steps to sign up and enable Copilot for organizations in your enterprise.

Next steps

To finish setting up Copilot for your enterprise, see "为企业设置 GitHub Copilot."