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About GitHub Education for teachers

GitHub Education offers teachers a central place to access tools and resources for working more effectively inside and outside of the classroom.

As a faculty member at an accredited educational institution, you can apply for GitHub Education, which includes GitHub Education benefits and resources. For more information, see "以教师身份申请 GitHub Education."

GitHub Education is a portal that allows the GitHub Education Community to access their education benefits, all in one place. Once you are a verified GitHub Education teacher, you can access GitHub Education anytime by going to the GitHub Education website.

Before applying for an individual discount, check if your learning community is already partnered with us as a GitHub Campus Program school. For more information, see "关于 GitHub 校园计划."

GitHub Education features for teachers

GitHub Education is a portal from which you can access your GitHub Education benefits and resources, all in one place. On the GitHub Education portal, teachers of all levels can:

  • 申请免费的 GitHub Team,它允许无限制的用户和专用存储库。 有关详细信息,请参阅“以教师身份申请 GitHub Education”。
  • View an overview of your active GitHub Classroom, including recent assignments and your class's progress at a glance, as well as links to GitHub Classroom.
  • View and interact with GitHub Discussions posted by your peers from around the world to discuss current trends in technology education, and see the latest posts from our GitHub Education blog.
  • See student events curated by GitHub Education and student leaders.
  • Stay in the know on what the student community is interested in by rewatching recent Campus TV episodes. Campus TV is created by GitHub and student community leaders and can be watched live or on demand.
  • Request a GitHub swag bag with educational materials and goodies for your students.

A free subscription for GitHub Copilot is available to verified teachers with GitHub Education. You will be automatically notified about the free subscription when you visit the GitHub Copilot subscription page in your account settings. For more information about subscribing to and using GitHub Copilot, see "Subscribing to Copilot as an individual user" and "关于 GitHub Copilot Individual."

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