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Apply to GitHub Education as a student

As a student, you can apply to join GitHub Education and receive access to the student resources and benefits offered by GitHub Education

作为认证教育机构的学生或教职员工,你可以申请 GitHub Education。 GitHub Education 是一个门户,它允许 GitHub Education Community 在一个位置访问其教育权益! GitHub Education 门户包括对 the GitHub Education Community、专业开发人员使用的行业工具、活动、Campus TV 内容、GitHub ClassroomGitHub Community Exchange 和 GitHub Student Developer Pack 的访问权限,以及其他帮助学生和教师进行下一代软件开发的独家功能。

在申请个人折扣之前,请检查你的学习社区是否已作为 GitHub Campus Program 学校与我们合作。 有关详细信息,请参阅“关于 GitHub 校园计划”。


To be eligible for GitHub Education, including GitHub Student Developer Pack and other benefits, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study such as a high school, secondary school, college, university, homeschool, or similar educational institution
  • Have a verifiable school-issued email address or upload documents that prove your current student status
  • Have a GitHub personal account
  • Be at least 13 years old

Documents that prove your current student status include a picture of your school ID with current enrollment date, class schedule, transcript, and affiliation or enrollment verification letter.

During your tenure as a student, you may be prompted to periodically re-verify your current academic status.

Note: You cannot transfer academic discounts from one account to another. If you have more than one account you want to apply the discount to, consider merging your personal accounts and renaming the retained account if desired.

For information about renewing your GitHub Education access, see "Apply to GitHub Education as a student."

Applying to GitHub Education

  1. 转到 GitHub Education,然后单击顶部导航栏中的“权益”。

  2. Under "Individuals", click Get student benefits.

  3. Under "Select the academic status", select Student.

  4. 选择或添加用于学校的电子邮件地址。


  5. 输入学校名称。

  6. 描述您如何使用 GitHub。

  7. 单击“继续”,然后系统会提示上传学生身份证明。

    • 单击“拍照”,使用计算机的相机上传证明。

      提供学生身份证明照片的页面的屏幕截图。 “拍照”按钮以深橙色框出。

    • (可选)如果有多个可用相机,请使用相机下拉菜单更改要使用的相机。

    • 将您的有效学生身份证或其他当前学生身份证明放入框内,然后单击“拍照”。

    • 在“证明类型”下,使用下拉列表选择要提供的证明类型。

  8. 验证应用程序详细信息,然后单击“处理我的应用程序”。

    注意:如果单击“处理我的应用程序”按钮后,看到一个要求你修复应用程序中的某些内容的横幅,则应修复它,然后单击“重新处理我的应用程序” 。

    如果您的申请获得批准,您将收到一封确认电子邮件。 申请通常会在几天内得到处理,但在高峰时段可能需要更长时间,例如在新学期开始时。

Expiration and renewals

Once your GitHub Education access expires, you may reapply if you're still eligible, although some of our partner offers for GitHub Student Developer Pack cannot renew. Most of the timed offers from our partners start once you set them up. To reapply, simply return to, click your profile picture, then click Reverify your academic affiliation.

Screenshot of a profile menu on the GitHub Education website. The "Reverify your academic affiliation" menu option is outlined in dark orange.

For more information, see the GitHub Student Developer Pack page.

To see when your free access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack expires, visit your account's billing settings.

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