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Эта версия GitHub Enterprise Server была прекращена 2024-03-26. Исправления выпускаться не будут даже при критических проблемах безопасности. Для повышения производительности, повышения безопасности и новых функций выполните обновление до последней версии GitHub Enterprise Server. Чтобы получить справку по обновлению, обратитесь в службу поддержки GitHub Enterprise.

Рассмотрение одного уведомления

При проверке и изучении одного уведомления доступно несколько вариантов рассмотрения, оптимизированных для подробного представления уведомлений.

Saving a single notification

To save a single notification to review later, to the right of the notification, click . You can only save one notification at a time.

Saved notifications are kept indefinitely and can be viewed by clicking Saved in the sidebar or with the is:saved query. If your saved notification is older than 5 months and becomes unsaved, the notification will disappear from your inbox within a day.

Screenshot of a single notification from the "Notifications" page. The bookmark icon is highlighted with an orange outline.

Investigating a notification

When you click an individual notification from your inbox, you're directed to the conversation that prompted the notification. From the top of the page, you can:

  • Mark the individual notification as done
  • Unsubscribe from future notifications
  • Mark the notification as read
  • Save the notification for later
  • Return to your notifications inbox

For more information about your triage options, see "Managing notifications from your inbox."

Customizing when to receive future updates for an issue or pull request

You can choose how you want to receive future notifications for a specific issue or pull request.

  1. In the right column of the issue or pull request, next to "Notifications", click Customize.

    Screenshot of the "Notifications" element on an issue or pull request. A link, titled "Customize", is highlighted with an orange outline.

  2. In the dialog box, select Custom, then choose when you'd like to receive a notification update for this thread. For example, you can choose to receive an update when the pull request has been merged, closed, or reopened. You will be subscribed again if you participate in the thread, your username is @mentioned, or a team you're a member of is @mentioned.

  3. Click Save.