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This version of GitHub Enterprise Server was discontinued on 2024-01-04. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

Reverting a commit in GitHub Desktop

You can use GitHub Desktop to revert a specific commit to remove its changes from your branch.

When you revert to a previous commit, the revert is also a commit. The original commit also remains in the repository's history.

Tip: When you revert multiple commits, it's best to revert in order from newest to oldest. If you revert commits in a different order, you may see merge conflicts.

  1. In the left sidebar, click History.

    Screenshot of the "History" tab in the sidebar. Above a list of commits, the tab button, labeled "History", is highlighted with an orange outline.

  2. Right-click the commit you want to revert and click Revert Changes in Commit.

    Screenshot of a list of commits in the "History" tab. Next to a commit, in a context menu, the cursor hovers over the "Revert Changes in Commit" option.