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Enabling and setting up GitHub Copilot Business

To use GitHub Copilot Business, you need to set up a subscription for your organization.

Quem pode usar esse recurso?

GitHub Copilot pode ser gerenciado por meio de contas pessoais com GitHub Copilot Individual ou através de contas de organização com GitHub Copilot Business.

To use GitHub Copilot Business, you need to set up a subscription for your organization account. For more information, see "Managing your GitHub Copilot Business subscription."

Configuring GitHub Copilot settings in your organization

After setting up a Copilot Business subscription for your organization, you can configure GitHub Copilot settings in your organization. This includes granting and revoking access to individuals and teams, and determining whether to block suggestions that match public code. For more information, see "Managing GitHub Copilot in your organization."

Assigning GitHub Copilot seats

To give people or teams within your organization access to GitHub Copilot, you need to assign them a GitHub Copilot seat. To enable access for all current and future users in your organization, or specific users in your organization, follow the steps in "Managing access for Copilot in your organization."

Configuring network settings

If members of your organization will be using GitHub Copilot on your company's corporate network, you may need to configure network settings so that members can use GitHub Copilot successfully.