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GitHub 지원 정보

GitHub를 사용하는 동안 발생하는 문제 해결 지원을 받기 위해 GitHub 지원에 문의할 수 있습니다.

About GitHub Support

The support options available to GitHub users depend on the products used by their personal accounts, any organizations or enterprises they are members of, and any GitHub Enterprise Server instances they manage. Each product includes a default level of support and accounts that use GitHub Enterprise can purchase GitHub Premium Support.

Before contacting GitHub Support, check if there are currently any incidents affecting services on GitHub AE on GitHub AE Status. For more information, see "About GitHub status."

With GitHub AE, you have access to support in English and Japanese.

You can contact GitHub Enterprise Support through the Azure Support portal to report issues in writing. For more information, see "Creating a support ticket."

Scope of support

If your support request is outside of the scope of what our team can help you with, we may recommend next steps to resolve your issue outside of GitHub Support. Your support request is possibly out of GitHub Support's scope if the request is primarily about:

  • Third party integrations, such as Jira
  • CI/CD, such as Jenkins
  • Writing scripts
  • Configuration of external authentication systems, such as SAML identity providers
  • Open source projects
  • Writing or debugging new queries for CodeQL

If you're uncertain if the issue is out of scope, open a ticket and we're happy to help you determine the best way to proceed.

About GitHub status

You can check for any incidents currently affecting GitHub AE services and view information about past incidents on GitHub's Status page.

You can also subscribe and get alerted via email, text message, and webhook whenever there's an incident affecting GitHub AE.

Resolving and closing support tickets

GitHub Enterprise Support may consider a ticket solved after providing an explanation, recommendation, usage instructions, or workaround instructions.

If you have installed additional third-party software on, or made modifications to, GitHub AE outside of the recommendations of GitHub Enterprise Support, GitHub Enterprise Support may ask you to remove the software and/or modifications while attempting to resolve the issue. If the problem is fixed when the unsupported software or modifications have been removed, GitHub Enterprise Support may consider the ticket solved.

GitHub Enterprise Support may close a ticket if the ticket is outside the scope of support or if multiple attempts to contact you have gone unanswered. If GitHub Enterprise Support closes a ticket due to lack of response, you can request that GitHub Enterprise Support reopen the ticket.

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