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This version of GitHub Enterprise Server was discontinued on 2024-01-04. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

Monitoring your instance

As use of your GitHub Enterprise Server instance increases over time, the utilization of system resources, like CPU, memory, and storage will also increase. You can configure monitoring and alerting so that you're aware of potential issues before they become critical enough to negatively impact application performance or availability.

Accessing the monitor dashboard

GitHub Enterprise Server includes a web-based monitoring dashboard that displays historical data about your GitHub Enterprise Server appliance, such as CPU and storage usage, application and authentication response times, and general system health.

Recommended alert thresholds

You can configure an alert to notify you of system resource issues before they affect your GitHub Enterprise Server appliance's performance.

Setting up external monitoring

You can monitor basic system resources on your GitHub Enterprise Server appliance using either the SNMP or collectd statistics collection protocols.

Configuring collectd for your instance

To gain insight into GitHub Enterprise Server's performance, you can review data from collectd on your instance, or optionally send the data to an external collectd server.

collectd metrics for GitHub Enterprise Server

You can review the metrics that collectd gathers for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

Monitoring using SNMP

GitHub Enterprise provides data on disk usage, CPU utilization, memory usage, and more over SNMP.

About system logs

To help administrators understand activity and errors, GitHub Enterprise Server stores system logs.

Generating a Health Check for your enterprise

You can gain insight into the general health and Git and API requests of your GitHub Enterprise Server instance by generating a Health Check.