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명령줄을 사용한 소스 코드 가져오기 정보

명령줄 도구를 사용하여 소스 코드 및 수정 기록을 GitHub Enterprise Cloud(으)로 가져올 수 있습니다.

Importing your source code to GitHub makes it easier for you and others to work together on projects and manage code. GitHub helps you collaborate, track changes, and organize tasks, making it simpler to build and manage projects. For more information, see "About GitHub and Git."

If you want to import a Git repository that is stored on a code hosting service that is publicly available on the internet, we recommend using GitHub Importer. For more information, see "Using GitHub Importer."

If your source code is not tracked by Git or is not publicly available, you can use the command line instead.

All of these tools import source code and revision history, only. If you also want to import your settings and your collaboration history, such as issues and pull requests, you'll need to use more advanced tools. To determine the best tool to use for your migration, see "Planning your migration to GitHub."

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