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REST API はバージョン管理になりました。 詳細については、「API のバージョン管理について」を参照してください。

コミュニティ メトリック用 REST API エンドポイント

この REST API を使って、コミュニティ プロファイルに関する情報を取得します。

Get community profile metrics

Returns all community profile metrics for a repository. The repository cannot be a fork.

The returned metrics include an overall health score, the repository description, the presence of documentation, the detected code of conduct, the detected license, and the presence of ISSUE_TEMPLATE, PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE, README, and CONTRIBUTING files.

The health_percentage score is defined as a percentage of how many of the recommended community health files are present. For more information, see "About community profiles for public repositories."

content_reports_enabled is only returned for organization-owned repositories.

"Get community profile metrics" のきめ細かいアクセス トークン



  • "Contents" repository permissions (read)

このエンドポイントは、パブリック リソースのみが要求される場合は、認証または前述メンションアクセス許可なしで使用できます。

"Get community profile metrics" のパラメーター

名前, Type, 説明
accept string

Setting to application/vnd.github+json is recommended.

パス パラメーター
名前, Type, 説明
owner string 必須

The account owner of the repository. The name is not case sensitive.

repo string 必須

The name of the repository without the .git extension. The name is not case sensitive.

"Get community profile metrics" の HTTP 応答状態コード



"Get community profile metrics" のコード サンプル


curl -L \ -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR-TOKEN>" \ -H "X-GitHub-Api-Version: 2022-11-28" \


Status: 200
{ "health_percentage": 100, "description": "My first repository on GitHub!", "documentation": null, "files": { "code_of_conduct": { "name": "Contributor Covenant", "key": "contributor_covenant", "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "code_of_conduct_file": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "contributing": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "issue_template": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "pull_request_template": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "license": { "name": "MIT License", "key": "mit", "spdx_id": "MIT", "url": "", "html_url": "", "node_id": "MDc6TGljZW5zZW1pdA==" }, "readme": { "url": "", "html_url": "" } }, "updated_at": "2017-02-28T19:09:29Z", "content_reports_enabled": true }