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About using actions in your enterprise

GitHub AE includes most GitHub-authored actions, and has options for enabling access to other actions from and GitHub Marketplace.

About actions on GitHub AE

GitHub Actions workflows can use actions, which are individual tasks that you can combine to create jobs and customize your workflow. You can create your own actions, or use and customize actions shared by the GitHub community.

GitHub AE上のGitHub Actionsは、完全なインターネットアクセスのない環境で動作するように設計されています。 既定では、ワークフローは と GitHub Marketplace からのアクションを使用できません。 You can restrict your developers to using actions that are stored on your enterprise, which includes most official GitHub-authored actions, as well as any actions your developers create. Alternatively, to allow your developers to benefit from the full ecosystem of actions built by industry leaders and the open source community, you can configure access to other actions from

We recommend allowing automatic access to all actions from If you want to have greater control over which actions are used on your enterprise, you can manually sync specific actions from

Official actions bundled with your enterprise instance

GitHub が作成した公式のアクションのほとんどは、GitHub AE に自動的にバンドルされ、GitHub Marketplace から特定の時点でキャプチャされます。

The bundled official actions include the following, among others.

  • actions/checkout
  • actions/upload-artifact
  • actions/download-artifact
  • actions/labeler
  • Various actions/setup- actions

To see all the official actions included on your enterprise instance, browse to the actions organization on your instance: https://HOSTNAME/actions.

There is no connection required between your enterprise and to use these actions.

Each action is a repository in the actions organization, and each action repository includes the necessary tags, branches, and commit SHAs that your workflows can use to reference the action. For information on how to update the bundled official actions, see "Using the latest version of the official bundled actions."


  • When using setup actions (such as actions/setup-LANGUAGE) on GitHub AE with self-hosted runners, you might need to set up the tools cache on runners that do not have internet access. For more information, see "Setting up the tool cache on self-hosted runners without internet access."
  • When GitHub AE is updated, bundled actions are automatically replaced with default versions in the upgrade package.

Configuring access to actions on

Enterprise のユーザが または GitHub Marketplace からの他のアクションにアクセスする必要がある場合、いくつかの設定オプションがあります。

The recommended approach is to enable automatic access to all actions from You can do this by using GitHub Connect to integrate GitHub AE with GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For more information, see "Enabling automatic access to actions using GitHub Connect".

To use actions from, your self-hosted runners must be able to make outbound connections to No inbound connections from are required. For more information. For more information, see "About self-hosted runners."

GitHub Connectを有効化した後は、Enterprise内のリポジトリでどのパブリックなアクションが使えるかを制限するポリシーが利用できます。 詳細については、「エンタープライズでの GitHub Actions ポリシーの適用」を参照してください。

Alternatively, if you want stricter control over which actions are allowed in your enterprise, or you do not want to allow outbound connections to, you can manually download and sync actions onto your enterprise instance using the actions-sync tool. For more information, see "Manually syncing actions from"