Getting started with GitHub Actions for GitHub AE

Learn about configuring GitHub Actions on GitHub AE.

Site administrators can enable GitHub Actions and configure enterprise settings.

About GitHub Actions on GitHub AE

This article explains how site administrators can configure GitHub AE to use GitHub Actions.

GitHub Actions is enabled for GitHub AE by default. To get started using GitHub Actions within your enterprise, you need to manage access permissions for GitHub Actions and add runners to run workflows.

Before you get started, you should make a plan for how you'll introduce GitHub Actions to your enterprise. For more information, see "Introducing GitHub Actions to your enterprise."

If you're migrating your enterprise to GitHub Actions from another provider, there are additional considerations. For more information, see "Migrating your enterprise to GitHub Actions."

Managing access permissions for GitHub Actions in your enterprise

You can use policies to manage access to GitHub Actions. For more information, see "Enforcing GitHub Actions policies for your enterprise."

Adding runners

You can configure and host servers to run jobs for your enterprise on GitHub AE. セルフホストランナーを使えば、独自のランナーをホストして、GitHub Actionsワークフロー中でジョブの実行に使われる環境をカスタマイズできます。 For more information, see "Hosting your own runners."

GitHub Actions の一般的なセキュリティ強化

GitHub Actions のセキュリティプラクティスについて詳しく学ぶには、「GitHub Actions のセキュリティ強化」を参照してください。




GitHubのすべてのドキュメントはオープンソースです。間違っていたり、はっきりしないところがありましたか?Pull Requestをお送りください。


OR, コントリビューションの方法を学んでください。