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Enabling Dependabot for your enterprise


You can allow users of your enterprise to find and fix vulnerabilities in code dependencies by enabling Dependabot alerts.

Who can use this feature

Enterprise owners can enable Dependabot.

About Dependabot for GitHub AE

Dependabot helps users of your enterprise find and fix vulnerabilities in their dependencies.

注: 現在、Dependabot alerts はベータ版であり、変更される可能性があります。

With Dependabot alerts, GitHub identifies insecure dependencies in repositories and creates alerts on your enterprise, using data from the GitHub Advisory Database and the dependency graph service.

アドバイザリは、以下のソースから GitHub Advisory Database に追加されます。

After you enable Dependabot alerts for your enterprise, vulnerability data is synced from the GitHub Advisory Database to your instance once every hour. Only GitHub-reviewed advisories are synchronized. 詳しくは、「GitHub Advisory Database でのセキュリティ アドバイザリの参照」をご覧ください。

You can also choose to manually sync vulnerability data at any time. For more information, see "Viewing the vulnerability data for your enterprise."

Note: When you enable Dependabot alerts, no code or information about code from your enterprise is uploaded to

When your enterprise receives information about a vulnerability, it identifies repositories in your enterprise that use the affected version of the dependency and generates Dependabot alerts. You can choose whether or not to notify users automatically about new Dependabot alerts.

For repositories with Dependabot alerts enabled, scanning is triggered on any push to the default branch that contains a manifest file or lock file. Additionally, when a new vulnerability record is added to your enterprise, GitHub AE scans all existing repositories on your enterprise and generates alerts for any repository that is vulnerable. For more information, see "About Dependabot alerts."

Enabling Dependabot alerts

Before you can enable Dependabot alerts:

  1. GitHub AE の右上で、ご自分のプロファイル写真をクリックしてから、 [Enterprise 設定] をクリックします。 GitHub AE のプロファイル写真のドロップダウン メニューの [自分の Enterprise]

  2. [Enterprise アカウント] サイドバーで、 [GitHub Connect] をクリックします。 [Enterprise アカウント] サイドバーの [Github Connect] タブ

  3. Under "Repositories can be scanned for vulnerabilities", select the drop-down menu and click Enabled without notifications. Optionally, to enable alerts with notifications, click Enabled with notifications. Drop-down menu to enable scanning repositories for vulnerabilities

    Tip: We recommend configuring Dependabot alerts without notifications for the first few days to avoid an overload of emails. After a few days, you can enable notifications to receive Dependabot alerts as usual.