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Downloading your license for GitHub Enterprise

You can download a copy of your license file for GitHub Enterprise Server.

Enterprise owners can download license files for GitHub Enterprise Server.

About license files for GitHub Enterprise

After you purchase or upgrade a license for GitHub Enterprise from GitHubの営業チーム, you must download your new license file. For more information about licenses for GitHub Enterprise, see "About licenses for GitHub Enterprise."

If you'd like to renew or add user licenses to GitHub Enterprise, or if you have questions about your license, contact GitHubの営業チーム. 注文完了したら、新しいライセンスのファイルが直ちにダウンロード可能となります。

Downloading your license from

You must have an enterprise account on to download your license from For more information, see "About enterprise accounts" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.

  1. GitHub.comに移動します。

  2. GitHub.comの右上で、自分のプロフィール写真をクリックし、続いてYour enterprises(自分のEnterprise)をクリックしてください。 GitHub Enterprise Serverのプロフィール写真のドロップダウンメニュー内の"Your enterprises"

  3. Enterpriseのリストで、表示したいEnterpriseをクリックしてください。 Enterpriseのリスト中のEnterpriseの名前

  4. Enterpriseアカウントのサイドバーで、 Settings(設定)をクリックしてください。 Enterpriseアカウントサイドバー内の設定タブ

  5. In the left sidebar, click Enterprise licensing. "Enterprise licensing" tab in the enterprise account settings sidebar

  6. Under "Enterprise Server Instances", click to download your license file. Download GitHub Enterprise Server license

After you download your license file, you can upload the file to GitHub Enterprise Server インスタンス to validate your application. For more information, see "Uploading a new license to GitHub Enterprise Server."

Downloading your license if you don't have an enterprise account on

If you do not have an enterprise account on, or if you're not sure, you may be able to download your GitHub Enterprise Server license from the GitHub Enterprise website.

If you have any questions about downloading your license, contact GitHubの営業チーム.