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ドキュメントには� �繁に更新が� えられ、その都度公開されています。本ページの翻訳はま� 未完成な部分があることをご了承く� さい。最新の情� �については、英語のドキュメンテーションをご参照く� さい。本ページの翻訳に問題がある� �合はこちらまでご連絡く� さい。

このバージョンの GitHub Enterprise はこの日付をもって終了となりました: 2022-06-03. 重大なセキュリティの問題に対してであっても、パッチリリースは作成されません。 パフォーマンスの向上、セキュリティの改善、新機能のためには、最新バージョンのGitHub Enterpriseにアップグレードしてく� さい。 アップグレードに関する支援については、GitHub Enterprise supportに連絡してく� さい。

About billing for GitHub Advanced Security

If you want to use GitHub Advanced Security features, you need a license.

GitHub Advanced Security is available for enterprise accounts on GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 or higher. For more information about upgrading your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, see "About upgrades to new releases" and refer to the Upgrade assistant to find the upgrade path from your current release version.

About billing for GitHub Advanced Security

You can make extra features for code security available to users by buying and uploading a license for GitHub Advanced Security. For more information about GitHub Advanced Security, see "About GitHub Advanced Security."

GitHub Advanced Securityの各ライセンスは、それらの機能を使用できるアカウントもしくはシートの最大数を指定します。 少なくとも1つのリポジトリでこの機能が有効化されているそれぞれのアクティブなコミッターは、1つのシートを使用します。 A committer is considered active if one of their commits has been pushed to the repository within the last 90 days, regardless of when it was originally authored.

Note: Active committers are calculated using both the commit author information and the timestamp for when the code was pushed to GitHub Enterprise Server.

  • When a user pushes code to GitHub, every user who authored code in that push counts towards GitHub Advanced Security seats, even if the code is not new to GitHub.

  • Users should always create branches from a recent base, or rebase them before pushing. This will ensure that users who have not committed in the last 90 days do not take up GitHub Advanced Security seats.

To discuss licensing GitHub Advanced Security for your enterprise, contact GitHubの営業チー� .

About committer numbers for GitHub Advanced Security

We record and display two numbers of committers for GitHub Advanced Security on GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス:

  • Committers is the number of committers who contributed to at least one repository in an organization and who use a seat in your enterprise license. That is, they are also an organization member, an external collaborator, or have a pending invitation to join an organization in your enterprise.
  • Unique to this repository/organization is the number of committers who contributed only to this repository, or to repositories in this organization. This number shows how many license seats you can free up by disabling GitHub Advanced Security for that repository or organization.

If there are no unique committers, all active committers also contribute to other repositories or organizations that use GitHub Advanced Security. Disabling the feature for that repository or organization would not free any seats on your license.

When you remove a user from your enterprise account, the user's license is freed within 24 hours.

Note: Users can contribute to multiple repositories or organizations. Usage is measured across the whole enterprise account to ensure that each member uses one seat regardless of how many repositories or organizations the user contributes to.

リポジトリでAdvanced Securityを有効化あるいは無効化すると、GitHubはライセンスの利用に関する変更の概要を表示します。 GitHub Advanced Security へのアクセスを無効にすると、「一意」のコミッターが使用するシートが解放されます。

ライセンス制限を超えている� �合、GitHub Advanced Security はすでに有効になっているすべてのリポジトリで引き続き動作します。 た� し、GitHub Advanced Security が新しいリポジトリに対して有効になっている Organization では、リポジトは機能が無効の状態で作成されます。 � えて、既存のリポジトリに対するGitHub Advanced Securityの有効化のオプションは利用できなくなります。

一部のリポジトリで GitHub Advanced Security を無効にするか、ライセンスサイズを増やすと、一部のシートを解放した直後に GitHub Advanced Security を有効にするオプションが通常どおり動作します。

You can enforce policies to allow or disallow the use of Advanced Security by organizations owned by your enterprise account. For more information, see "Enforcing policies for Advanced Security in your enterprise."

For more information on viewing license usage, see "Viewing your GitHub Advanced Security usage."

Understanding active committer usage

The following example timeline demonstrates how active committer count for GitHub Advanced Security could change over time in an enterprise. For each month, you will find events, along with the resulting committer count.

DateEvents during the monthTotal committers
April 15A member of your enterprise enables GitHub Advanced Security for repository X. Repository X has 50 committers over the past 90 days.50
May 1Developer A leaves the team working on repository X. Developer A's contributions continue to count for 90 days.50
August 1Developer A's contributions no longer count towards the licences required, because 90 days have passed.50 - 1
August 15A member of your enterprise enables GitHub Advanced Security for a second repository, repository Y. In the last 90 days, a total of 20 developers contributed to that repository. Of those 20 developers, 10 also recently worked on repo X and do not require additional licenses.49 + 10
August 16A member of your enterprise disables GitHub Advanced Security for repository X. Of the 49 developers who were working on repository X, 10 still also work on repository Y, which has a total of 20 developers contributing in the last 90 days.49 - 29

Note: A user will be flagged as active when their commits are pushed to any branch of a repository, even if the commits were authored more than 90 days ago.

Getting the most out of GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub Advanced Security の優先� �位を付けるリポジトリと Organization を決定するときは、それらを確認して次のことを特定する必要があります。

  • 会社の成功にとって最も重要なコードベース。 These are the projects for which the introduction of vulnerable code, hard-coded secrets, or insecure dependencies would have the greatest impact on your company.
  • コミット� �度が最も高いコードベース。 これらは最も積極的に開発されたプロジェクトであるため、セキュリティの問題が発生するリスクが高くなります。

When you have enabled GitHub Advanced Security for these organizations or repositories, assess which other codebases you could add without incurring billing for unique committers. Finally, review the remaining important and busy codebases. If you want to increase the number of seats in your license, contact GitHubの営業チー� .