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GitHub Code Search (ベータ版) について

新しいコード検索 (ベータ版) を使用すると、GitHub 全体のコードを検索、移動、理解できます。

GitHub code search lets you rapidly search, navigate and understand your code, your team's code, and the code of the open source community, all from This search engine is designed to be scalable, code-aware, and support searching code across GitHub using regular expressions, boolean operations, specialized qualifiers, and symbol search. For more information on the syntax of code search, see "Understanding GitHub Code Search syntax."

Code search is integrated with features in the search interface on, such as suggestions, completions, and the ability to save your searches. For more information, see "Using GitHub Code Search."

Note that the syntax and qualifiers for searching for non-code content, such as issues, users, and discussions, is not the same as the syntax for code search. For more information on non-code search, see "About searching on GitHub" and "Searching on GitHub."


We have indexed many public repositories for code search, and continue to index more. Additionally, the private repositories of GitHub users are indexed and searchable by those that already have access to those private repositories on However, very large repositories may not be indexed at this time, and not all code is indexed.

The current limitations on indexed code are:

  • Vendored and generated code is excluded
  • Empty files and files over 350 KiB are excluded
  • Lines over 1,024 characters long are truncated
  • Only UTF-8 encoded files are included
  • Very large repositories may not be indexed

We currently only support searching for code on the default branch of a repository.

Results for any search with code search are restricted to 100 results (10 pages). Sorting is not supported for code search results at this time. This limitation only applies to searching code with the new code search and does not apply to other types of searches.

Code search supports searching for symbol definitions in code, such as function or class definitions, using the symbol: qualifier. However, note that the symbol: qualifier only searches for definitions and not references, and not all symbol types or languages are fully supported yet. For a list of what languages are supported, see "Understanding GitHub Code Search syntax."

Feedback and support

You can view and share feedback about code search in our discussion forum.