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Listing dependencies configured for version updates

You can view the dependencies that Dependabot monitors for updates.

Viewing dependencies monitored by Dependabot

After you've enabled version updates, you can confirm that your configuration is correct using the Dependabot tab in the dependency graph for the repository. For more information, see "Configuring Dependabot version updates."

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.
  2. リポジトリ名の下の [分析情報] をクリックします。 リポジトリのナビゲーション バーの [分析情報] タブ
  3. 左側のサイドバーで、 [Dependency graph] (依存関係グラフ) をクリックします。 左のサイドバーの依存関係グラフのタブ
  4. [依存関係グラフ] で、 [Dependabot] をクリックします。 依存関係グラフ、[Dependabot] タブ
  5. Optionally, to view the files monitored for a package manager, click the associated . Monitored dependency files

If any dependencies are missing, check the log files for errors. If any package managers are missing, review the configuration file.

Viewing Dependabot log files

  1. On the Dependabot tab, click Last checked TIME ago to see the log file that Dependabot generated during the last check for version updates. View log file
  2. Optionally, to rerun the version check, click Check for updates. Check for updates