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Monitoring your appliance

As use of your GitHub Enterprise Server instance increases over time, the utilization of system resources, like CPU, memory, and storage will also increase. You can configure monitoring and alerting so that you're aware of potential issues before they become critical enough to negatively impact application performance or availability.
  • Accessing the monitor dashboard

    GitHub Enterprise Server includes a web-based monitoring dashboard that displays historical data about your GitHub Enterprise Server appliance, such as CPU and storage usage, application and authentication response times, and general system health.

  • Recommended alert thresholds

    You can configure an alert to notify you of system resource issues before they affect your GitHub Enterprise Server appliance's performance.

  • Configurar la revisión externa

    Puedes revisar los recursos de sistema básicos en tu aparato GitHub Enterprise Server utilizando el SNMP o los protocolos de recopilación de estadísticas collectd.

  • Configuring collectd

    GitHub Enterprise can gather data with collectd and send it to an external collectd server. Among other metrics, we gather a standard set of data such as CPU utilization, memory and disk consumption, network interface traffic and errors, and the VM's overall load.

  • Monitoring using SNMP

    GitHub Enterprise provides data on disk usage, CPU utilization, memory usage, and more over SNMP.

  • Acerca de los registros del sistema

    GitHub Enterprise Server mantiene registros de errores y mensajes de los eventos del sistema. Los registros son útiles para identificar las acciones y excepciones del usuario, la aplicación y el nivel del sistema.

  • Generating a Health Check for your enterprise

    You can gain insight into the general health and Git and API requests of your GitHub Enterprise Server instance by generating a Health Check.