Setting up a trial of GitHub Enterprise Server

You can try Servidor de GitHub Enterprise for free.

About trials of Servidor de GitHub Enterprise

You can request a 45-day trial to evaluate Servidor de GitHub Enterprise. Your trial will be installed as a virtual appliance, with options for on-premises or cloud deployment. For a list of supported visualization platforms, see "Setting up a GitHub Enterprise Server instance."

Dependabot de GitHub alerts and GitHub Connect are not currently available in trials of Servidor de GitHub Enterprise. For a demonstration of these features, contact Equipo de ventas de GitHub. For more information about these features, see "About alerts for vulnerable dependencies" and "Connecting Servidor de GitHub Enterprise to"

Trials are also available for GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For more information, see "Setting up a trial of GitHub Enterprise Cloud."

Si no estás seguro si Servidor de GitHub Enterprise, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, o ambos son la mejor opción para tu organización, contacta a Equipo de ventas de GitHub.

Las organizaciones con 12 o más programadores normalmente se benefician más con GitHub Enterprise. Si tu organización tiene 11 o menos desarrolladores, considera GitHub Team. Para obtener más información, consulta los productos de "GitHub"

Setting up your trial of Servidor de GitHub Enterprise

Servidor de GitHub Enterprise is installed as a virtual appliance. Determine the best person in your organization to set up a virtual machine, and ask that person to submit a trial request. You can begin your trial immediately after submitting a request.

To set up an account for the GitHub Enterprise Web portal, click the link in the email you received after submitting your trial request, and follow the prompts. Then, download your license file. For more information, see "Managing your license for GitHub Enterprise."

To install Servidor de GitHub Enterprise, download the necessary components and upload your license file. For more information, see the instructions for your chosen visualization platform in "Setting up a Servidor de GitHub Enterprise instance."

Next steps

To get the most out of your trial, follow these steps:

  1. Create an organization.

  2. To learn the basics of using GitHub, see:

  3. To configure your instance to meet your organization's needs, see "Configuring your enterprise."

  4. To integrate Servidor de GitHub Enterprise with your identity provider, see "Using SAML" and "Using LDAP."

  5. Invite an unlimited number of people to join your trial.

    • Add users to your Servidor de GitHub Enterprise instance using built-in authentication or your configured identity provider. For more information, see "Using built in authentication."

    • To invite people to become account administrators, visit the GitHub Enterprise Web portal.

      Note: People you invite to become account administrators will receive an email with a link to accept your invitation.

Para obtener más información sobre los planes y las características planeados, consulta la sección Itinerario público de GitHub.

Finishing your trial

You can upgrade to full licenses in the GitHub Enterprise Web portal at any time during the trial period.

If you haven't upgraded by the last day of your trial, you'll receive an email notifying you that your trial had ended. If you need more time to evaluate GitHub Enterprise, contact Equipo de ventas de GitHub to request an extension.

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