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We publish frequent updates to our documentation, and translation of this page may still be in progress. For the most current information, please visit the English documentation.

About GitHub Marketplace

Learn about GitHub Marketplace where you can share your apps and actions publicly with all GitHub Enterprise Cloud users.

GitHub Marketplace connects you to developers who want to extend and improve their GitHub workflows. You can list free and paid tools for developers to use in GitHub Marketplace. GitHub Marketplace offers developers two types of tools: GitHub Actions and Apps, and each tool requires different steps for adding it to GitHub Marketplace.

GitHub Actions

Cualquiera puede publicar una acción en GitHub Marketplace. GitHub verifica algunas organizaciones aliadas y estas se muestran como creadores verificados.

To learn about publishing GitHub Actions in GitHub Marketplace, see "Publicar acciones en GitHub Marketplace."


Anyone can share their apps with other users for free on GitHub Marketplace but only apps owned by organizations can sell their app.

To publish paid plans for your app and display a marketplace badge, you must complete the publisher verification process. For more information, see "Solicitar una verificación de publicador para tu organización" or "Requirements for listing an app."

Once the organization meets the requirements, someone with owner permissions in the organization can publish paid plans for any of their apps. Each app with a paid plan also goes through a financial onboarding process to enable payments.

To publish apps with free plans, you only need to meet the general requirements for listing any app. For more information, see "Requirements for listing an app."

New to apps?

If you're interested in creating an app for GitHub Marketplace, but you're new to GitHub Apps or OAuth Apps, see "Creating GitHub Apps" or "Crear Apps de OAuth."

GitHub Apps vs. OAuth Apps

Las GitHub Apps son la forma oficial y recomendada de integrarse con GitHub, ya que ofrecen permisos mucho más granulares para acceder a los datos, although you can list both OAuth and GitHub Apps in GitHub Marketplace. For more information, see "Diferencias entre aplicaciones de GitHub y aplicaciones de OAuth" and "Migrar de Apps de OAuth a GitHub Apps."

Publishing an app to GitHub Marketplace overview

When you have finished creating your app, you can share it with other users by publishing it to GitHub Marketplace. In summary, the process is:

  1. Review your app carefully to ensure that it will behave as expected in other repositories and that it follows best practice guidelines. For more information, see "Mejores prácticas de seguridad para las apps" and "Requirements for listing an app."

  2. Add webhook events to the app to track user billing requests. For more information about the GitHub Marketplace API, webhook events, and billing requests, see "Using the GitHub Marketplace API in your app."

  3. Create a draft GitHub Marketplace listing. For more information, see "Drafting a listing for your app."

  4. Add a pricing plan. For more information, see "Setting pricing plans for your listing."

  5. Read and accept the terms of the "Acuerdo de Desarrollador de GitHub Marketplace."

  6. Submit your listing for publication in GitHub Marketplace. For more information, see "Submitting your listing for publication."

Seeing how your app is performing

You can access metrics and transactions for your listing. For more information, see:

Contacting Support

If you have questions about GitHub Marketplace, please contact Soporte técnico de GitHub directly.