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Revisar los registros de auditoría de su organización para Copilot para empresas

Revise los registros de auditoría de su suscripción Copilot Business para comprender qué acciones se han llevado a cabo y por qué usuarios.

Quién puede usar esta característica

Organization owners can interact with the audit log.

Los registros de auditoría de GitHub Copilot están disponibles para cuentas de organizaciones con una suscripción Copilot Business.

About audit logs for Copilot Business

Audit logs for Copilot Business can help you understand what actions have been taken and by whom. You can use the audit logs to review actions taken by users in your organization, such as changes to an organization's Copilot settings and policies, or the addition or removal of seats from your Copilot Business subscription. The audit log lists events related to your Copilot Business subscription for the current month and previous six months. For more information, see "Reviewing the audit log for your organization."

Viewing your organization's audit logs

  1. In the upper-right corner of, select your profile photo, then click Your organizations.

    Screenshot of the dropdown menu under @octocat's profile picture. "Your organizations" is outlined in dark orange.

  2. Next to the organization, click Settings.

  3. In the "Archives" section of the sidebar, click Logs, then click Audit log.

Audit log events for Copilot Business

You can search for any of the GitHub Copilot audit log events using the action qualifier, and the copilot category. For example, action:copilot.cfb_seat_assignment_created. Alternatively, you can review all of the GitHub Copilot audit log events for your organization by searching for action:copilot.

cfb_org_settings_changedSettings for Copilot Business were changed at the organization level.
copilot.cfb_seat_cancelled_by_staffA seat was cancelled from the Copilot Business subscription manually by GitHub staff.
cfb_seat_management_changedThe seat management setting was changed for the Copilot Business subscription.
copilot.cfb_seat_addedA seat was added to the Copilot Business subscription and the user received access to GitHub Copilot.
copilot.cfb_seat_cancelledA seat was canceled from the Copilot Business subscription and the user's access to GitHub Copilot was revoked.
copilot.cfb_seat_assignment_reusedA seat assignment was re-created for a user who already had a seat assignment with no pending cancellation date.
copilot.cfb_seat_assignment_refreshedA seat that was previously pending cancellation was re-assigned, revoking the cancellation.
copilot.cfb_seat_assignment_createdA seat assignment was newly created for a user.
copilot.cfb_seat_assignment_unassignedA seat assignment was unassigned from a user and the seat is pending cancellation.
editor_chat_settingConfirms the status of the editor chat setting. Possible values: enabled, disabled, unconfigured.
code_referencing_settingConfirms the status of the code referencing setting. Possible values: enabled, disabled, unconfigured.