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Editing your profile details for GitHub Sponsors

You can update the information that potential sponsors see about your work.

About sponsor profiles

Your GitHub Sponsors profile tells potential sponsors why they should support you. People see your sponsor profile when they click the Sponsor button on your profile. We recommend including the following information.

  • Open source work that you contribute to
  • Why you are committed to open source development

Editing your profile details

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Your sponsors. GitHub Sponsors button
  2. If a list of your sponsored and eligible accounts is shown, to the right of the account you want to manage, click Dashboard. Developer sponsors dashboard button
  3. On the left sidebar, click Profile details. Profile details tab
  4. Under "Short bio", type a brief description of yourself and your work. Short bio field
  5. Under "Introduction", type a description of the work you'll do with your sponsorships. Profile details text field
  6. Optionally, choose the repositories that are showcased on your GitHub Sponsors profile.
    • To the right of "Featured work", click Edit. Edit button for featured work
    • Select up to 6 repositories, then click Save. Checkboxes to select repositories
  7. Optionally, select Opt-in to potentially being featured on Checkbox to opt-in to being featured
  8. Click Update profile.