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The REST API is now versioned. For more information, see "About API versioning."

Audit log

Use the REST API to retrieve audit logs for an enterprise.

These endpoints only support authentication using a personal access token (classic). For more information, see "Managing your personal access tokens."

Get the audit log for an enterprise

Gets the audit log for an enterprise. To use this endpoint, you must be an enterprise admin, and you must use an access token with the read:audit_log scope.

This endpoint has a rate limit of 1,750 queries per hour per user and IP address. If your integration receives a rate limit error (typically a 403 or 429 response), it should wait before making another request to the GitHub API. For more information, see "Rate limits for the REST API" and "Best practices for integrators."

Parameters for "Get the audit log for an enterprise"

Name, Type, Description
accept string

Setting to application/vnd.github+json is recommended.

Path parameters
Name, Type, Description
enterprise string Required

The slug version of the enterprise name. You can also substitute this value with the enterprise id.

Query parameters
Name, Type, Description
phrase string

A search phrase. For more information, see Searching the audit log.

include string

The event types to include:

  • web - returns web (non-Git) events.
  • git - returns Git events.
  • all - returns both web and Git events.

The default is web.

Can be one of: web, git, all

after string

A cursor, as given in the Link header. If specified, the query only searches for events after this cursor.

before string

A cursor, as given in the Link header. If specified, the query only searches for events before this cursor.

order string

The order of audit log events. To list newest events first, specify desc. To list oldest events first, specify asc.

The default is desc.

Can be one of: desc, asc

page integer

Page number of the results to fetch.

Default: 1

per_page integer

The number of results per page (max 100).

Default: 30

HTTP response status codes for "Get the audit log for an enterprise"

Status codeDescription


Code samples for "Get the audit log for an enterprise"

curl -L \ -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR-TOKEN>" \ -H "X-GitHub-Api-Version: 2022-11-28" \


Status: 200
[ { "@timestamp": 1606929874512, "action": "team.add_member", "actor": "octocat", "created_at": 1606929874512, "_document_id": "xJJFlFOhQ6b-5vaAFy9Rjw", "org": "octo-corp", "team": "octo-corp/example-team", "user": "monalisa" }, { "@timestamp": 1606507117008, "action": "org.create", "actor": "octocat", "created_at": 1606507117008, "_document_id": "Vqvg6kZ4MYqwWRKFDzlMoQ", "org": "octocat-test-org" }, { "@timestamp": 1605719148837, "action": "repo.destroy", "actor": "monalisa", "created_at": 1605719148837, "_document_id": "LwW2vpJZCDS-WUmo9Z-ifw", "org": "mona-org", "repo": "mona-org/mona-test-repo", "visibility": "private" } ]