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Managing users in your enterprise

You can audit user activity and manage user settings.

Roles in an enterprise

Learn which roles you can assign to control access to your enterprise's settings and data.

Inviting people to manage your enterprise

You can invite and remove enterprise owners and billing managers for your enterprise account.

Managing invitations to organizations within your enterprise

You can retry or cancel invitations to organizations within your enterprise, either one by one or multiple at a time.

Managing organization members in your enterprise

You can add or remove members from an organization in bulk.

Managing support entitlements for your enterprise

You can grant enterprise members the ability to manage support tickets for your enterprise account.

Viewing people in your enterprise

To audit access to enterprise-owned resources or user license usage, enterprise owners can view every administrator and member of the enterprise.

Exporting membership information for your enterprise

You can export information about all of your enterprise's members from GitHub's web UI.

Viewing and managing a user's SAML access to your enterprise

You can view and revoke an enterprise member's linked identity, active sessions, and authorized credentials.

Removing a member from your enterprise

You can remove an enterprise member from an enterprise.

Managing dormant users

A user account is considered to be dormant if it has not been active for 90 days.

Enabling guest collaborators

You can use the role of guest collaborator to grant limited access to vendors and contractors in your enterprise.