About marketplace badges

Learn about the badges that you may see for some apps and actions listings on GitHub Marketplace.

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For GitHub Apps

Apps with the , are owned by an organization that has:

Marketplace badge for GitHub Apps

To learn how you can add this badge to your app, see "Applying for publisher verification for your organization."

For more information about the requirements for listing an app on GitHub Marketplace, see "Requirements for listing an app on GitHub Marketplace."

For information on finding apps to use, see "Searching GitHub Marketplace."

For GitHub actions

Actions with the , or verified creator badge, indicate that GitHub has verified the creator of the action as a partner organization.

Verified creator badge for GitHub Actions

For information on how to publish a GitHub action to GitHub Marketplace, see "Publishing actions in GitHub Marketplace."

About the previous verification process for apps

In addition to the verified creator badge, you'll also see badges for unverified and verified apps. These apps were published using the old method for verifying individual apps.

Green verified and grey unverified badge

Note: The new publisher verification process for apps replaces the previous process where individual apps were verified. The new publisher verification process is similar to the verification process for actions. If you have apps that were verified under the old process, these will not be affected by the changes. The GitHub Marketplace team will contact you with details of how to migrate to organization-based verification.

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