Allowing your codespace to access a private image registry

You can use secrets to allow Codespaces to access a private image registry

Note: Codespaces is currently in limited public beta and subject to change. For more information about joining the beta, see "About Codespaces."

A registry is a secure space for storing and managing private container images, such as Azure Container Registry or DockerHub. You can create secrets in GitHub to store the access details for a private registry and use them to give your codespace access to images stored in the registry.

When you launch a codespace, Codespaces checks for three secrets, which define the server name, username, and personal access token (PAT) for a container registry. If these secrets are found, Codespaces will make the registry available inside your codespace.


You can store secrets at the user, repository, or organization-level, allowing you to share them securely between different codespaces. When you create a set of secrets for a private image registry, you need to replace the “<*>” in the name with a consistent identifier. For more information, see "Managing encrypted secrets for your codespaces" and "Managing encrypted secrets for your repository and organization for Codespaces."

For example, if you had a private image registry in Azure, you could create the following secrets:


Image registry secret example

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