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Managing your personal account

You can manage your personal account on For example, you can manage multiple accounts, convert an account to an organization, or delete an account.

Managing multiple accounts

If you use one workstation to contribute to projects for more than one account on, you can modify your Git configuration to simplify the contribution process.

Merging multiple personal accounts

If you have separate accounts for work and personal use, you can merge the accounts.

Converting a user into an organization

You can convert your personal account into an organization. This allows more granular permissions for repositories that belong to the organization.

Best practices for leaving your company

If you use your account on GitHub for both personal and work purposes, there are a few things to keep in mind when you leave your company or organization.

Unlinking your email address from a locked account

If you have lost your two-factor authentication (2FA) credentials and are unable to recover access, you can remove the connection between your email address and a 2FA locked account. The email address is then available for you to link it to a new or existing account, maintaining your commit history.

Deleting your personal account

You can delete your personal account on at any time.