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Managing user account settings

You can manage settings for your personal account, including your theme, username, default branch, accessibility, and security settings.

About your personal dashboard

You can visit your personal dashboard to keep track of issues and pull requests you're working on or following, navigate to your top repositories and team pages, stay updated on recent activities in organizations and repositories you're subscribed to, and explore recommended repositories.

Managing your tab size rendering preference

You can manage the number of spaces a tab is equal to for your personal account.

Changing your GitHub username

You can change the username for your account on GitHub.

Permission levels for a personal account repository

A repository owned by a personal account has two permission levels: the repository owner and collaborators.

Permission levels for a project (classic) owned by a personal account

A project (classic) owned by a personal account has two permission levels: the project (classic) owner and collaborators.

Managing accessibility settings

GitHub's user interface can adapt to your vision, hearing, motor, cognitive, or learning needs.

Managing the default branch name for your repositories

You can set the default branch name for new repositories that you create on

Managing security and analysis settings for your personal account

You can control features that secure and analyze the code in your projects on GitHub.

Managing access to your personal account's projects (classic)

As a project (classic) owner, you can add or remove a collaborator and customize their permissions to a project (classic).

Managing your cookie preferences for GitHub's enterprise marketing pages

You can control how GitHub uses information from non-essential tracking cookies for enterprise marketing pages.

About 'Available for hire'

When you select Available for hire, you indicate that you're open to job opportunities.