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有关 GitHub 计划变更的常见问题解答

GitHub 宣布,从 2020 年 4 月 14 日起,向所有人免费提供所有核心 GitHub 功能。


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GitHub 在 4 月 14 日宣布了哪些计划和价格变更?

GitHub 宣布了以下计划和价格变更:

  • 立即提供面向组织的 GitHub Free,其中包含支持无限用户的私有仓库
  • 所有以前使用 Team for Open Source 的组织现在都拥有 GitHub Free
  • 面向个人开发者的 GitHub Free 现在支持无限协作者
  • 使用 GitHub Free 的组织和个人将获得 GitHub Community Support
  • GitHub Pro 现在包括 2GB 的包存储和 10GB 的数据传输
  • GitHub Pro 现在降低每月价格 4 美元
  • GitHub Team 现在降低每用户每月价格 4 美元
  • GitHub Team 不再需要最少 5 个席位
  • GitHub Team 将为私有仓库提供每月 3,000 Actions 分钟数





如果我从 GitHub Team 或旧计划降级到 GitHub Free,我会失去哪些功能?

  • 私有仓库中的必需审查者
  • 私有仓库中的受保护分支
  • 私有仓库中的代码所有者
  • 私有仓库中的 GitHub Pages
  • 私有仓库中的 Wiki
  • 私有仓库中的多个议题和拉取请求受理人
  • 私有仓库中的多个拉取请求审查者
  • 私有仓库中的拉取请求草稿
  • 私有仓库中的自动链接引用
  • 标准支持

How can I create a GitHub Free or GitHub Team organization?

如果您有 GitHub 帐户,请在我们的团队计划页面上创建一个新组织。 如果您没有 GitHub 帐户,您可以在我们的主页上创建一个,在注册过程中将会提示您创建组织。

How can I compare which features are in each plan?

您可以在 https://github.com/pricing 上查看每款产品的价格和完整功能列表。

How long will GitHub Free allow unlimited collaborators?

永远! 此变更是永久性的。

I already paid for the yearly Pro or Team plan, do I get a refund for the price difference?

目前支付 Pro 和 Team 计划的年度费用并且在 4 月 14 日之前注册的客户将获得退款,退款金额为从该日期到其年度计费期结束时的比例金额。 例如,如果届时您的年度计费订阅已使用两个月,您将获得剩余十个月的差价退款。 这些退款将在大约 30 天内处理。 处理退款后,将向您的帐单电子邮件发送通知。

What is the difference between GitHub Free for individual developers and GitHub Free for organizations?

有关每个 GitHub Free 产品的差异的详细信息,请参阅“GitHub 的产品”。

How can I get more Actions minutes if I need more than allocated in the GitHub Team plan?

大多数小型团队每月用量不到 3,000 Actions 分钟数,但有些团队可能会使用更多时间。 如果您的团队需要在私有仓库中使用更多分钟数,您可以增加对 GitHub Actions 的支出限额。 公共仓库中的 Actions 分钟数和 Packages 存储空间仍然是免费的。 更多信息请参阅“管理 GitHub Actions 的支出限额”。


现在 GitHub Team 没有最低席位要求,如果您的组织中使用的席位少于 5 个,您可以删除付费席位以减少费用。 更多信息请参阅“降级您的 GitHub 订阅”。

Is anything changing for teams on the GitHub Team for Open Source plan?

If your organization account currently uses the GitHub Team for Open Source plan, you’ve been automatically moved to GitHub Free, which includes private repositories with unlimited collaborators, 2,000 Actions minutes for private repositories, and GitHub Community Support. 公共仓库中的 Actions 分钟数和 Packages 存储空间仍然是免费的。

What is GitHub Community Support?

GitHub Community Support includes support through our Community Forum, where you can browse solutions from the GitHub community, ask new questions, and share ideas. GitHub Community Support is staffed by Support Engineers on the GitHub Team, who moderate the Community Forum along with our most active community members. If you need to report spam, report abuse, or have issues with account access, you can send a message to our Support Team on https://support.github.com/.

How does this change affect education benefits?

Students and teachers will continue to receive all of the benefits they get today. GitHub will continue to offer GitHub Pro as part of its Student Developer Pack benefits to all students. Additionally, teachers will continue to have access to GitHub Team as part of the Teacher Toolbox.

How does this affect me if I currently pay by invoice?

If you’re currently an invoice customer, email your sales representative for additional details. If you’re not sure who your sales representative is, contact your billing manager or account owner.

How will this impact users and organizations in regions where U.S. government sanctions are applied?

Due to U.S. trade controls law restrictions, GitHub is unable to provide private repository services and paid services to accounts in U.S. sanctioned regions. GitHub has preserved, however, access to free public repository services. Please read about GitHub and Trade Controls for more information.

GitHub will continue advocating with U.S. regulators for the greatest possible access to free code collaboration services to developers in sanctioned regions, including free private repositories. We believe that offering those free services supports U.S. foreign policy of encouraging the free flow of information and free speech in those regions.

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