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About GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub makes extra security features available to customers under an Advanced Security license. These features are also enabled for public repositories on

GitHub Advanced Security 可用于 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 和 GitHub Enterprise Server 上的企业帐户。GitHub Advanced Security 的一些功能也可用于 上的公共存储库。 有关详细信息,请参阅“关于 GitHub 的产品”。

About GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub has many features that help you improve and maintain the quality of your code. Some of these are included in all plans, such as dependency graph and Dependabot alerts. Other security features require a GitHub Advanced Security license to run on repositories apart from public repositories on

To purchase a GitHub Advanced Security license, you must be using GitHub Enterprise. For information about upgrading to GitHub Enterprise with GitHub Advanced Security, see "GitHub's products" and "About billing for GitHub Advanced Security."

About Advanced Security features

A GitHub Advanced Security license provides the following additional features:

  • Code scanning - Search for potential security vulnerabilities and coding errors in your code. For more information, see "About code scanning."

  • Secret scanning - Detect secrets, for example keys and tokens, that have been checked into the repository. For more information, see "About secret scanning."

  • Dependency review - Show the full impact of changes to dependencies and see details of any vulnerable versions before you merge a pull request. For more information, see "About dependency review."

The table below summarizes the availability of GitHub Advanced Security features for public and private repositories.

Public repositoryPrivate repository without Advanced SecurityPrivate repository with Advanced Security
Code scanningYesNoYes
Secret scanningYes (limited functionality only)NoYes
Dependency reviewYesNoYes

For information about Advanced Security features that are in development, see "GitHub public roadmap." For an overview of all security features, see "GitHub security features."

GitHub Advanced Security features are enabled for all public repositories on Organizations that use GitHub Enterprise Cloud with Advanced Security can additionally enable these features for private and internal repositories. For more information, see the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.

About starter workflows for Advanced Security

注意:Advanced Security 的初始工作流已合并到存储库的“操作”选项卡中的“安全”类别中。 这种新配置目前处于 beta 版本,可能会有变动。

GitHub 为 code scanning 等安全功能提供起始工作流。 您可以使用这些建议的工作流程来构建 code scanning 工作流程,而不是从头开始。

For more information on starter workflows, see "Setting up code scanning using starter workflows" and "Using starter workflows."