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为了支持调试以及内部和外部合规性, GitHub Enterprise Cloud 提供已审核 用户、组织和存储库事件的日志。


The audit log lists events triggered by activities that affect your enterprise within the current month and up to the previous six months. The audit log retains Git events for seven days.

By default, only events from the past three months are displayed. To view older events, you must specify a date range with the created parameter. 更多信息请参阅“了解搜索语法”。

The name for each audit log entry is composed of the action object or category qualifier, followed by an operation type. For example, the repo.create entry refers to the create operation on the repo category.


  • The enterprise or organization an action was performed in
  • The user (actor) who performed the action
  • The user affected by the action
  • 执行操作的仓库
  • 执行的操作内容
  • 发生操作的国家/地区
  • 操作发生的日期和时间
  • Optionally, the source IP address for the user (actor) who performed the action

除了查看审核日志之外,您还可以通过其他方式监控企业中的活动,例如 管理全局 web 挂钩。 更多信息请参阅“探索企业中的用户活动”。




Git 事件

记录 Git 事件数据,如克隆、提取和推送。 更多信息请参阅“流式传输企业的审核日志”。