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Getting your enterprise started with the GitHub Support portal

Learn how to start using the Портал поддержки GitHub for issues related to your enterprise.

About the Портал поддержки GitHub for enterprises

You can use the Портал поддержки GitHub to create and manage support tickets about экземпляр GitHub Enterprise Server.

To benefit from Premium Support SLAs and ticket collaboration features, you must associate your ticket with экземпляр GitHub Enterprise Server in one of two ways.

  1. If your institution has an enterprise account on, you have a user account on, and that user account has been granted support entitlements for the enterprise account, you can select the enterprise account when creating a ticket. For more information about enterprise accounts, see "About enterprise accounts."

    • The majority of GitHub Enterprise Server customers already have an enterprise account on If you're not sure whether you do, first check with your team.
    • If your team confirms that you do not have an enterprise account on, you can submit a request for a new one.
    • Then, for the best experience, follow the steps below before using the Портал поддержки GitHub to create tickets about the enterprise account.
  2. If you're sure you do not have an enterprise account on, you have not been configured as a support-entitled member by an enterprise owner, or you cannot sign in with to your account, you can provide a copy of your license key or diagnostics file by using the Get help with GitHub Enterprise Server form.

Getting started with the Портал поддержки GitHub

Before you start creating tickets associated with your enterprise account on, we recommend completing the following steps.

  1. Identify the user on who is an owner of your enterprise account.
  2. Configure a verified domain. For more information, see "Проверка или утверждение домена для вашего предприятия."
  3. Add owners, billing managers, or support-entitled members to your enterprise account. For more information, see "Приглашение пользователей для управления предприятием" and "Управление правами на поддержку предприятия."