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Связывание вех с проблемами и запросами на вытягивание

Вы можете связать аналогичные проблемы и запросы на вытягивание с вехой, чтобы более эффективно отслеживать ход их выполнения.

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Under your repository name, click Issues or Pull requests.

    Screenshot of the main page of a repository. In the horizontal navigation bar, two tabs, labeled "Issues" and "Pull requests," are each outlined in dark orange.

  3. Select the checkbox next to the items you want associated with a milestone.

    Screenshot of the first two items in a list of issues. To the left of each issue, a checkbox is checked and outlined in dark orange.

  4. Above the list of issues or pull requests, select the Milestone dropdown menu.

    Screenshot of the list of issues for a repository. In the header above the list, a dropdown menu, labeled "Milestones," is outlined in dark orange.

  5. In the "Filter milestones" field, start typing the name of an existing milestone, then click the milestone's name to associate it with the item.

As you're working on issues and pull requests, you can track the progress of your milestone.

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